Project Update
Jan 27, 2017
As of this week we have closed the Non Profit and now we operate the Akha Heritage Foundation LLC and the Sail for Freedom as out of pocket projects of the LLC.

As of the spring of 2015 a 63 foot steel ketch was purchased for the LLC and is currently being refit. We hope to see it back in the water soon with a new mast and other upgrades. We look forward to providing sailing opportunities this coming spring off the Oregon coast.

Please contact us with any inquiries.

Now Raising Funds for Tall Ship Purchase
Nov. 7, 2013
We are now accepting donations to purchase a tall ship to bring to Oregon. Your valuable donation is appreciated. All donations will receive a donation number in our log book on the way to the Oregon tall ship.

Tall Ship Sail Trials
October 28, 2013
Got the chance to go check out a ship we are looking at for the Sail for Freedom. A great time, a sound ship.

She sails solid, powers solid and is well designed. She has all the capacity to meet the needs of the Sail for Freedom.

The doors are opening, you can be a part of this great project.

Right now we are in discussion with different ports in California for our wintering grounds.

Your donation or pledge will help make this a reality for young people in Oregon.

Currently there are numerous opportunities for how you can get involved as we approach the end of the year.

Does your business need the benefit of a 501-c donation?

Do you need a personal income tax write off before the end of the year? Why not make a tax deductible donation?

Akha Dance at Thai Festival
October 1, 2013

The Sail for Freedom is a project to build a bridge between the people of Oregon and the Akha mountain people of SE Asia.

September 26, 2013
I found this site maybe on Facebook. The life of a family that wanted to buy a sail boat and take it down to Mexico where they had already spent a lot of time. There is quite a mix of life on this site and we all sort of enjoy reading about the stories, the fun and the grief, the boat and the hardships associated with keeping machines going. Enjoy.
Facebook Bumfuzzle with the Schulte Family

A tall ship for Oregon?
September 25, 2013
A friend told me the other day when I was giving him an update, "Hec, Oregon will never have a tall ship. There are no good ports and people just aren't interested."
I was a bit surprised to say the least. Actually I love it when I feel a person is telling me something can't be done.

If you are a student or parent in Oregon and you want to see young people in Oregon get a chance to have the experience of a life time then join in and help us spread the word for the Sail for Freedom.

Where to put a tall ship?
September 25, 2013
I have taken a look at a number of ports on the Oregon coast that might be suitable to base the tall ship for the Sail for Freedom. They all have possibilities and advantages but one thing is for sure, we will find a place to tie her up when we are able to complete our fundraising and purchase of a ship. I have no doubt about that. Coos Bay has a nice protected waterway, Newport is a strategic location close to people in the valley, and Astoria has quite a bit of tourism, cruise ships and is even closer to Portland which would be a port of call.

Star of Oregon
September 12, 2013
While the Sail for Freedom was created as a project for the Akha, it is also a bridge project between Oregon, the northwest and the west coast and many other places for the Akha people and to SE Asia. Oregon has many connections to Asia. If you buy frozen shrimp, it most likely came from SE Asia.

We are based in Oregon. In 1840 Oregonians on the Willamette built Oregon's first tall ship and sailed it to California where they traded it for livestock. The Star of Oregon was traded in 1843 and renamed. Washington has Lady Washington. We have a custom sail design for the Akha. It is the Sail for Freedom, but can it be named after the "Star of Oregon" too?

Let us know what you think?

Exciting Trip to Astoria
September 6, 2013
Made a drive up to Astoria to look at the port situation and spoke with Port Manager Herb Florer. Then went over to see the 17th Street slip where the light house boat is and then the East Basin at 36th Street. I like Astoria. Access and water depth, feel for the community was on my mind as I made my rounds and then had a bit of dinner at Baked Alaska with a view of the Columbia River and passing ships. Distance to the Columbia Bar and back are an issue too.

Weighing this all with a look at Coos Bay.

Astoria has proximity to Portland, Puget Sound, cruise ships, fishing. Coos Bay has a protected waterfront area, deep water, quick access to the sea.

What do you think? Drop us an email at akhalife at gmail dot com.

A Tall Ship for Oregon
August 15, 2013
We continue to look at the Sail for Freedom as an opportunity to publicize the Akha cause as well as have a sail training program in Oregon, serving as a bridge between the Akha, Asia and Oregon.

Semester at Sea
August 15, 2013
We have been having discussions with Outward Bound about a "Semester at Sea" program to go along with helping us design a good leadership program combined with a focus on human rights.

Tall Ships America
August 15, 2013
We joined Tall Ships America to learn more about what other sail training programs were up to. As a result we got the 40 Anniversary Edition book of their organization listing many tall ships and also laying out the vision for sail training, very similar to how we see the Sail for Freedom benefiting the Akha and young people in Oregon.

Float the Boat
July 1, 2013
The people with an interest in the "Sail for Freedom" continues to grow. We are looking at a number of potential ships but are still in need of those special people who will step forward and help "Float the Boat" with a bit of funding. We are convinced that this ship will bring a lot of opportunities for the Akha as well as young people in Oregon.

Introducing the Belle
March 23, 2013
We received this boat as a donation towards our Northwest Tall Ship Project.

Her name is Belle. She is 43 feet long, 14 feet wide, weighs 18,000 dry and is powered by a 4.5 liter John Deere Diesel. She is built of wood and we are currently working on refinishing the bottom to put her in the water. Our goal is to use her to promote the Northwest Tall Ship Project or sell her to a suitable buyer who would like to continue to preserve her.

She has a long colorful history as the movie star party boat in Newport Beach, California. She hosted movie stars from John Wayne to Nicholas Cage and appears in a mural at Trader Joe's in Costa Mesa, California. We are looking for pictures of her to add to our collection on her history.

She recently comes from the donor in Cody, Wyoming where she was used as a tour boat.

Seattle Boat Show
Jan. 25, 2013
We look forward to seeing you at the Seattle Boat Show Jan 25 - Feb 3rd.

We are now set up at the Seattle Boat Show, booth 308 in the east hall at CenturyLink.
This looks like it is going to be a really great show and we look forward to getting the Akha story out to as many people as possible. If you are in the Seattle area make sure you take time to come on down.

There is an impressive line up of boats and especially marine gear at this show. In a kind of way, the show is an expanded view on every potential component of a ship.

Lots to look at.

We will get a video posted on line here maybe later today.

Portland Boat Show
Jan. 9-13, 20013
We had a very successful time from our booth at the Portland Boat Show. We met a lot of people in the boat and sailing community from Oregon and Washington. Portland is a great city to see and visit. From here we make our way to the Seattle Boat Show.

While at the show we researched companies and suppliers who can help us with our marine needs in the future.

The Sail for Freedom will create an opportunity for Akha young people from SE Asia to work side by side with young people from the Pacific Northwest and build sailing and leadership skills while exchanging language and cultural knowledge.

About the Akha People
The Akha are mountain farmers who live in China, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. Their roots brought them from Mongolia and Tiebt with considerable time in China's Yunnan Province. Seeking security for their villages and families, they have often had to move south to avoid existing conditions of war where they lived. Until recently, they have succeeded, but migration is no longer an option, and their survival now depends upon increased public awareness to protect their lands and culture. The Sail for Freedom will open new doors of freedom and hope for these young people.

The Ship
An 150 foot, three masted schooner, steel built, strong and dependable for students and crew. 8,000 feet of custom sails, built to requirements in Portland, Oregon. A proud addition to Northwest waters.

Sail Training
The ship will provide a basis for Akha young people and young people from the Northwest to learn to sail and experience our beautiful Northwest Coastal waters. Students will learn about the current environmental situation and how to better protect our oceans.

Human Rights Training
In the west we take our basic rights for granted. The Akha people have no such opportunity and face daily pressure in their village situations. The Sail for Freedom will provide extensive human rights training, language and networking skills for both the Akha and their American shipmates. The ship will provide an opportunity for young people to work closely together across continents, cultures and languages to increase awareness and understanding between two different communities in the Asia Pacific, illustrating the close relationship that the Northwest has with Asia both in trade and culture. Akha young people will be able to take their new skills back to their home villages and increase the security of their villages and land. They will be encouraged to build relationships during their time on board that will extend far beyond their training, opening doors to ongoing friendships and further educational opportunities. The ship will be a bridge between Asia and the Pacific Northwest.

Sail Trade
While we work towards the purchase of this ship we are already seeking "sail trade" opportunities, to deliver goods along the west coast with a minimum carbon footprint.


The proto type for the Akha sails. 8'x 12'. Ship over all will have 8500 square feet of sails, made of custom dyed 11 ounce Dacron.